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Christian Adult Education

The journey to find God's path for you.

At Northridge United Methodist Church, we believe that every individual is on a journey towards the discovery of faith. At whatever point you find yourself, we invite you to join us in making spiritual development a vital part of your life's path.

Our approach is one that focuses on going together on a path of Christian discovery where we share our conversations, help each other discover our spiritual strengths, and grow as Christians and as a community.

Faith growth is offered through small group programs utilizing discussion/meditation, Bible study, and exploration of ideas expressed by a variety of authors in book study.

Christian Adult Education follows the Wesleyan Quadrilateral

  • Scripture – the Bible
  • Tradition – history of the Christian church in many nations and cultures
  • Reason – discerning thinking and sensible interpretation
  • Experience – a Christian's personal and communal journey in Christ


    "Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."  Psalm 119 RSV