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United Methodist Women


Mission U

July 31 - August 1 at Sparks UMC
1231 Pyramid Way
Sparks, NV 89431
Registration Deadline - July 15

August 7 - August 9 at UC Davis
One Shields Ave.
Davis, CA 95616
Registration Deadline - July 1

August 29 at Salinas UMC
404 Lincoln Ave.
Salinas, CA 93901
Registration Deadline - July 12

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UMW brings women together to make a difference in the world. 

The United Methodist Women are an integral part of the Methodist Church by their prayers, service, gifts and their support of missions, home and abroad. The purpose of the UMW is to know God and to experience freedom “as whole persons” through Jesus Christ, to develop a creative, supportive fellowship and to expand concepts of missions through participation in the global ministries of the church.

The women of the Northridge United Methodist Church organized the Ladies Aid Society in 1927. This society remained in service until 1940 when this group became the Women’s Society of Christian Service. The WSCS continued their work and support until the year 1973 when the women reorganized again and became the UMW. This UMW chapter of women in service has been in existence for the last forty-four years. The Bazaars of old are now the Boutiques of today. Ice Cream Socials on “Aunt Phil’s" shade-covered lawn are events worth remembering. The basic goals of the UMW today reflect the heritage of those who have gone before.

The NUMW Leadership Team (Pat Small, Phyllis Nelson, Dorine Collins, Beth Sullivan, Lorraine Conner, Jean Paris, Jo Gable, Adelpha Stevens, and Edie Silvey) meets on the 2nd Monday of the month, at noon in the Kendall Building. 
Listed below are several active UMW programs which you are invited to join:

If you like to play Bridge you can join the Blue Jays. This group meets at various homes on the 4th Tuesday of the month. If interested, contact the church office to learn specifics.

Lunch anyone? On the third Tuesday of the month, the Noon Fellowship ladies have a luncheon with a program with speakers or highlighting other Christian organizations.

The New You meets the first Monday of each month in the evening in members’ homes for meditation or a program that may feature a speaker or an “in-house” discussion of a topic of interest. See the November 2013 Methodist for more information about New You.

Can you paint, knit, sew or glue? The Arts and Crafts Women meet every Monday at 9 a.m. They work hard year-round to make items for their twice-yearly boutiques. The boutique includes a luncheon, and a bake sale table, as well as a roomful of very nice handmade gifts that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. The proceeds from the boutiques are donated to missions.

A Study, Women of the Bible, is held every other Tuesday, at 10:30 a.m. in the Kendall Building.

The Hearts and Hands ladies visit our homebound and sometimes take little gifts or send cards. The homebound really look forward to these visits.

The prayer chain is very active. There are many requests for prayers for those for whom the need arises.

If you see anything that interests you and would like to attend, please call the church office to get more information including a contact person to call. Some of the above programs are inactive during the summer months.

The ladies also step in to help whenever and wherever they are needed. NUMW supports a variety of local and worldwide missions, including their UMW District Pledge, Imagine No Malaria, Mary Magdalene Project, MEND, New Horizons, North Valley Caring Services, NUMC Youth, Planned Parenthood, Red Bird Missionaries in Appalachia, Ride on Therapeutic Horsemanship, San Fernando Rescue Mission, Snack Saks, Valley Interfaith Council, World Thank Offering, Blind Children’s Center, Children of the Night, Chrysalis, CROP Walk, David and Margaret Home, World Doctors Without Borders, Downtown Women’s Center, Friends Outside, Get on the Bus, Gift to the World, Haven Hills, McCurdy School in New Mexico, Methodist Museum for Women in Washington, D.C., Methodist Hospital Women’s Auxiliary, and National Mental Health.

NUMW Connects to the National and International United Methodist Women
UMW and The UMC's principles and values include:

  • Promoting the empowerment of women, children and youth.
  • Promoting anti-racism and multiculturalism.
  • Promoting inclusion and equity.
  • Promoting fair labor practices.
  • Promoting economic and environmental stewardship and sustainability.

What are the mission emphases of UMW?

  • We provide opportunities and resources to grow spiritually, become more deeply rooted in Christ and put faith into action.
  • We are organized for growth, with flexible structures leading to effective witness and action.
  • We equip women and girls around the world to be leaders in communities, agencies, workplaces, governments and churches.
  • We work for justice through compassionate service and advocacy to change unfair policies and systems.
  • We provide educational experiences that lead to personal change in order to transform the world.

What is the meaning of the logo? The logo of UMW depicts the symbols of the cross and the flame — symbols that also appear on The United Methodist Church emblem. Both symbols are reminders of the opportunities and obligation of discipleship. As parts of the logo, the cross and flame remind us of the PURPOSE: that we are to grow in our understanding of and willingness to participate in the global ministries of the church. They are also a reminder of the heritage of women who pioneered in service for the church at home and in other countries.

What does it mean to be a UMW member? UMW is a community of women committed to mission. Membership provides many opportunities, including the following:

  • Prayer, Bible studies and spiritual retreats;
  • Hands-on missions in local communities;
  • Mission education experiences;
  • Leadership development and training opportunities;
  • Opportunities to support work with women, children and youth;
  • Partnership with women in mission in the country and around the world;
  • Advocacy for social justice issues, including those pertaining to the environment, domestic violence, immigration and the many other concerns that impact the lives of women, children and youth.
  • Engagement in racial justice issues.

What is Mission u?

Mission u is the new name for the School of Christian Mission. Mission u is an opportunity for reflection and informed action through education opportunities and resources. Each Mission u event offers classes on spiritual growth, a geographic area and a social issue. It is an opportunity to study current issues impacting society based on recent mission study topics. Mission u is open to members and non-members of UMW.

What is Leadership Development Days?

Leadership Development Days is an event for UMW members and leaders organized by the national organization three times a year. Leadership development equips members and provides for organizational growth. For more information, check UMW is proud of its magazines: Response, The Messenger, and Pacific Waves.