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The 21 Campaign


21st Century Sight and Sound Across our Campus

As we celebrate the 21st Birthday of the Sanctuary, our goal is to bring the campus up to the 21st Century with updated audio and video capabilities.

There are 21 items we hope to upgrade with this campaign. Though the list is long, we could have added more to it. We could have planned for over $150,000 in video upgrades - which begs the question, what did we leave off and why?
While all of the new video screens and projectors will do a Hi Def 1080 picture, the cameras we will be buying and installing in the sanctuary are not Hi Def, nor is the image we will project in the sanctuary. Because a Hi Def picture is wider and shorter, we would either end up with a smaller picture on the screen, or we would need to install a larger wider screen in the chancel. We decided neither of those was desirable at this time, so we save thousands of dollars by purchasing slightly lower resolution cameras.

If we had a professional company come and install everything for us, it would nearly double the cost of installation. So, our team of very capable and skilled volunteers will install all of the equipment for us. All of the money raised in the campaign is for equipment. You may find yourself in a position to pick off one of these items all by yourself, and we hope several big items will be picked up in one or two gifts. But we recognize that many in the congregation will only be able to make a partial gift to any single item. We certainly are thankful for any gift of any amount you can make to the campaign. Every gift gets us closer to completion and installation of the new equipment.

21 Gifts

21   YAC Sound System $2,000
20   YAC Projection $2,500
19   Fireside Room Sound System $1,000
18   Fireside Room Projection $1,000
17   Room 5/6 Video Screen $1,000
16   Room 3 Video Screen $1,000
15   Nursery Video Screen $1,000
14   Fellowship Hall Entry Video Screen $1,000
13   Fellowship Hall Sound Equipment $1,000
12   Fellowship Hall Projection $1,500
11   Kendall Building Video Screen $2,000
10   Library Video Screen $1,000
9   Office Video Screen $1,000
8   Narthex Video Screen $2,000
7   Choir Mics $1,500
6   Computer for projection & streaming $4,000
5   Video controller/switcher $6,500
4   Remote Cameras for Sanctuary $6,500
3   Sanctuary Speakers $7,000
2   Band Speakers and Board $7,500
1   New Projector for Sanctuary $8,000