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Worship at NUMC

Worship is the central function of a church.

It provides an opportunity for people to gather and share their love and devotion to God. This is expressed in a variety of activities within the context of the worship setting. At NUMC we offer several opportunities for people to worship, and each has a different style and feeling. Many people attend one style exclusively, while others attend different worship events as the schedule or mood suits them best.

Formal Worship

Formal Worship

Sundays at 9:00 am

This is our largest attended event each week. The clergy and choir wear robes, and the congregation dresses a bit more formally. There are several traditional musical elements: the Prelude and Postlude are performed on the organ, the Introit, Anthem, and Offertory are sung by the Chancel Choir, and the congregation sings traditional hymns from the hymnal which are also projected on the video screen.

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Pastor Steve with the kids

Informal Worship

Sundays at 11:00 am

The word 'informal' applies to the dress as well as the style of music. The Worship Band leads the service with both happy and soulful music. The people sing and clap, dance, and move a bit more throughout the service. The pastor is not robed and carries a bit more casual attitude about worship.

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Jazz Vespers

Jazz Vespers

2nd Sundays at 6:00 pm

Everyone who is anyone in the LA Jazz scene has played our gig. The best part is you get great jazz without having to listen over the noise in a crowded bar. Performers and people alike love this musical joy ride.

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Youth Choir


Music is a very integral part of our worship, our celebrations and our lives. Come and make a joyful noise!

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Chancel Choir
Worship Band- "Solid Rock"
Handbell Choirs
Youth Choir
Children's Choir